.:Mission Complete:. Update

2007-08-15 14:06:19 by H3LPM3

So .:Mission Complete:. has turned into half of a collaboration effort.
So far there are three people working on it and another may join tonight.
We are still looking for more people to join.
I'll post if there are anymore updates.

New Project - .:Mission Complete:.

2007-08-13 10:53:42 by H3LPM3

After Internetless was complete I've decided to expand on the simple scene .:Objective Complete:.

Originally .:Objective Complete:. was just the opening scene for a Collab created by me with the same title as this project. Unfortunately the project was disbanded and everybody worked on different projects.

If I manage to turn it back into a collab film it will be out in a week or under.
If not then a few weeks expected for the release.